Export scheduling

  1. Ideas
  2. Navigate to Export Schedule
  3. Select the marketplace (the shop system).
  4. Import time: Here you specify the times for the export of the selected marketplace (the shop system).
    Fixed time: Example 12:15, enter 12:15 (HH:MM separated by a colon). The import then starts once a day at 12:15.
    Minute interval: Example every 15 minutes, enter the number 15 for this. The import then starts every 15 minutes.
  5. Save button: Use this to save your desired settings.

  1. Trigger Name: Shows the marketplace (the shop system) for which the scheduling was set up.
  2. Trigger Gruppe: Zeigt die Zeitplanungsgruppe (für unseren Support relevant).
  3. Next Run: Displays the date and time of the next import.

Change export update times

  1. Select the desired marketplace (the shop system).
  2. Your previous schedule is now in the import time field.
  3. You can now edit them.
  4. Save your changes with the save button.
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