import product

Our automated CSV import of article data saves you a lot of work!

Our web app serves as a central hub for automated product management. This is where all the data from the wholesalers comes together and is managed. Automated processes help you to automatically import the item data into CSV. Many small features will make your daily work easier. Calculate product prices automatically using flexible price templates. Set items to active or inactive, override wholesale delivery times or automatically place orders with your retailer. All this in a software that is made for you! By the way, there are hundreds of other features on our roadmap that are just waiting to be activated.

Basic functions of our CSV import / interface

In the item overview, you have the option of filtering products by manufacturer, wholesaler, name, EAN, etc. You can edit the search results in batch mode, i.e. you can edit and delete all items found in one go, assign new price calculations, have them re-imported into the shop and much more.

Fast loading times and the quick location of (product) information is always guaranteed by the technology we use. The development of the user interface is based on hundreds of ideas from our users. So you see, it is developed directly for the users.

No more manual CSV processing necessary!

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