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Automate Imports to your shop
and forget about manual CSV import


One program. Everything possible.
We develop with you – 100% user-oriented!
Interfaces to all portals, simple operation, automatic order processing, automatic data imports (API/CSV/TXT) and inventory comparison.

This is Import2Shop!

We develop special software for e-commerce. Our app can be used by dropshippers as well as by shop operators with their own inventory. Our automatic CSV import works completely autonomously at regular intervals. So you can easily have the CSV import processed. For example, forget the manual Shopware import via CSV, use our interface for the automated Shopware import.

You have the choice: import CSV files automatically, create items manually or have products imported via an API.

Software made for your success.

Automatic data import into your web shop

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The use of professional software
can lead to an increase in sales in long term.

In order to be successful in e-commerce, you have to automate processes where it is possible. Constantly repetitive tasks are time wasters, make you tired and you lose sight of the essentials!
Take care of your customers instead of sinking into CSV files.
Automating CSV import will save you a lot of time, I promise!

Updating your shop data is important in order to avoid wrong stock levels or old prices in the shop. Do you know the problem that you have to update your product data almost every hour, but you don’t have time for every CSV- Download your dropshipper’s file, edit it, calculate prices, etc.?
Import2Shop does all this for you completely automatically!

In addition to technical data, Import2Shop also ensures that item information such as images and descriptions automated is imported from the wholesaler’s shop into your shop. As a result, you don’t have to create the products manually by downloading images from the wholesaler, then uploading them to your shop, etc.

As a user of our software, you get Access to reputable dropshipping wholesalers. We are networked with a large number of wholesalers in a wide variety of areas.

Save time by automating processes

Automated inventory and price updates

Automated import of item information, such as descriptions or images

Access to our pool of reputable and lucrative dropshipping wholesalers

Individual connections possible


let us get started!

Automate your CSV shop imports. Don’t waste your valuable time on replaceable tasks, let your online shop work for you. Invest the time gained in more valuable tasks such as customer contact, general marketing or simply: in your free time.

Automate processes – shop import, product updates and much more.

Automatic CSV import, order processing, XML processing, API calls, price calculation in the product data are just some of the daily tasks that you as a retailer in eCommerce are subject to. To be successful, you need to automate these standard processes! Constantly repetitive tasks are time wasters and make you tired, and you lose sight of the essentials! Take care of your customers instead of sinking into CSV files. Automating CSV data processing will save you a lot of time, I promise!

Product data update

Updating your shop data is important to avoid offering incorrect stock levels or old prices in the shop. Do you know the problem that you have to update your product data almost every hour? But you don’t have time to download every CSV file from your drop shipper, edit it, calculate prices. Import2Shop does all this for you completely automatically! We provide you with an online platform that uses modern and efficient processes to import your CSV files into your web shop. You don’t even have to touch the CSV files, you give the program the download link and our system does the rest. It recognizes the column separators as well as text separators and the charset. Import2Shop imports the CSV, reads it in and then automatically creates the items in your online shop. It is therefore necessary that you give the program your access data for your shop database. Although the wholesalers offer different CSV files, we are able to “normalize” and import the data. Bye, edit CSV! If you are also wondering how to open a CSV file in order to be able to process it, you have come to the right place! Try OpenOffice or Libre Office, you will see that it takes a lot of effort to convert a wholesaler CSV to a shop format.

Our newest interface: Automatic Shopware import

With our Shopware Import you simplify the data import without having to do anything manually. In addition to Shopware, we also support Gambio, WooCommerce and many more. If you previously uploaded CSV data manually to Shopware, you can be happy; Our software will do that for you from now on! Talk to us if you also want to automate the Shopware import and keep your stocks, prices and much more up to date fully automatically.

API connections why and what is that?

In order to be as effective as possible these days, you cannot avoid digitization. The bundling of information presents a large number of companies with major challenges in terms of IT and software. API (Application Programming Interface) connections have to be programmed, which connect the interfaces of different portals and marketplaces, server systems have to be purchased and maintained, etc. The operation of central solutions which use API connections to bundle information is very complex and expensive. This is one of the reasons why we offer Saas (Software as a Service) and do not sell the software but offer it monthly. By hosting multiple API connections in one host, the cost is shared among multiple users instead of just one. Professional maintenance and system support included.

Have API connections programmed

If you have API connections programmed, you usually only have one-off costs. However, these will multiply if the connected API interfaces change and adjustments to your system are necessary. Although an API is versioned, changes may be required which are expensive to implement. With our solution you are always on the latest API version, without additional costs for API updates.

Possibilities of API connections

We offer various options for adapting existing interfaces. We work with REST interfaces, rarely SOAP but also CSV and TXT can be counted as interfaces. We would be happy to take a look at EDI and other interfaces on request!

Import CSV file into shop
does not work: the problems

When importing a CSV file into your online shop, there are many things to consider. Setting up the right column separators can create problems that Excel can’t handle. Not to mention text separators, because Excel doesn’t know them at all. The biggest problem, however, is restructuring the CSV file. The CSV of your wholesaler/dropshipping provider will not be compatible with your shop because the import file of your online shop needs a special structure for the import to work. As an experienced CSV juggler, you can convert a wholesaler file into an import file within 1 hour, but you have not yet calculated any prices or adjusted the delivery status. Import2Shop does this for you in minutes. Another problem is that you have to download the item images manually and one by one but not with us – we import the images automatically.

Increase sales: Your advantages with Import2Shop

Dropshipping is becoming more and more popular because you can set up your own shop without capital. This is why dropshipping shops are springing up like mushrooms. Use the competitive advantage that our software offers you! As soon as your wholesaler offers a new item, it is immediately available in your online shop, even before other shops have laboriously and manually created or imported the item. You are then already selling the product and, in the best case, Google has already indexed the item detail page. By preventing items that cannot be delivered, you save money and a lot of transaction costs. The stock levels of popular wholesalers change every minute, of course you can’t manually adjust the stock levels all the time, can you? So you run the risk of selling products as “available” even though your wholesaler no longer has any goods in stock. With Import2Shop you can avoid this problem and increase your sales by actively saving on fees from chargebacks or returned direct debits. By storing the desired profit margins, the purchase prices of your wholesaler CSV can be calculated very clearly and in a structured manner, which helps you to calculate your prices fairly and in line with the market. In turn, transparent and competitive prices increase your sales and generate new customers. Here, too, our support will support you if you have any questions about increasing sales!

Find dropshipping wholesalers for your dropshipping shop

As a user of our software, you get access to reputable and lucrative dropshipping wholesalers. Not every direct delivery wholesaler (dropshipping provider) is reputable, there are many differences between dropshipping wholesalers. It starts with prices and ends with return policies. Our dropshipping dealers, which are marked with “Premium”, are particularly trustworthy and, as a dropshipping shop, offer you excellent service and prices in line with the market. Many dropshipping suppliers from the ‘Wholesale Germany’ area offer dropshipping, sometimes it’s worth asking a wholesaler whether they can offer direct transport, because many a shipping service provider can’t do anything with dropshipping yet. When choosing your wholesaler, pay attention to prices in line with the market and good service. Although you want to offer good service, you can only rely on what your wholesaler can do. Therefore, good service from wholesalers is important. Also decide whether you can live with returns. Do you have sufficient capacity to store returns? In this case it is helpful if your dropshipping supplier accepts the returns.

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