Automatic Data import

As soon as your wholesaler displays new products in its CSV/API/Feed, our app recognizes the new products and creates them automatically.

Automatic updates

The app regularly retrieves the product data from the wholesaler at your specified interval. Inventory, availability, prices, and names and descriptions are all updated.

Order automation

The order import is basically free of charge, orders are imported from the shop/marketplace into the app and can be transferred from the app to the wholesaler.

Kategorie- mapping

Our application gives you the option of linking product categories from the wholesaler to categories that have already been created in your shop.

Extensive Pricing

Calculate your prices cleverly and create so-called “price templates” for individual wholesalers. You decide how much profit you add.

Variants- capable

Our app is able to import variant items from almost all wholesalers if the wholesaler offers variants.

Attribute & Filter

Import attributes and use them for filters or as item specifics in marketplaces. (Inexpensive add-on module)

Exclusion of product groups

If you do not want to sell all of your wholesaler’s products or sell them in the shop, you can exclude individual products or categories.

In order to be successful in e-commerce, you have to automate processes where it is possible. Constantly repetitive tasks are time wasters, make you tired and you lose sight of the essentials!
Take care of your customers instead of sinking into CSV files.
Automating CSV data processing will save you lots of time, I promise!

Updating your shop data is important to avoid wrong stock levels or old prices in the shop. Do you know the problem that you have to update your product data almost every hour, but you don’t have time for every CSV- Download your dropshipper’s file, edit it, calculate prices, etc.?
Import2Shop does all this for you completely automatically!

In addition to technical data, Import2Shop also ensures that item information such as images and descriptions automated is imported from the wholesaler’s shop into your shop. As a result, you don’t have to create the products manually by downloading images from the wholesaler, then uploading them to your shop, etc.

As a user of our software, you get access to reputable and lucrative dropshipping wholesalers. We are networked with a large number of wholesalers in a wide variety of areas.

Save time by automating processes

Automated inventory and price updates

Automated import of item information, such as descriptions or images

Access to our pool of reputable and lucrative dropshipping wholesalers

Individual connections possible

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