Dropshipping - we make selling easier!

Get more informations about us and our software as well informations and helpful tipps regarding dropshipment!
Import2Shop was made for ecommerc retailer which use the modern kind of selling- the dropshipping! Its really clever to use dropshipping, so you don't need an own stock ore a lot of money to build up your own business.

With Import2Shop you are able to import your dropshipper csv in the software and export a csv file which exact match the format your used shopsystem needs. You can save price factors- so the program will calculate your personal selling prices. Also you can choose the columns, which should be written in your exported csv file. So you can make changes at your webshop without overwrite your changes by importing a new update!

Import and edit csv files - Dropshipperdata  edditing

The update from your prices, delivery status and the on, is really importent for a successful e-business. With i2S you can update your shopdata in seconds! Import the dropshipper csv - type (once) in your price factors  - choose your shopsystem and export the finished csv file. Now you can visit your backend and import the csv file. Easy? easy!