The automatic price calculation relieves you of the hassle of calculating prices. Forget manually calculating prices using Excel spreadsheets. You only need your desired calculation; what and how much costs do you have to pass on to the products? What is your profit margin? Should fees or shipping costs be included in the sales price? With just a few clicks, you can store all requirements once and calculate all product prices individually. Subsequent adjustments are, of course, possible; all prices are updated with just one keystroke.

Store as many price templates as you want. You can add an unlimited number of calculation steps to each template. Choose whether the RRP or purchase price should be used as the calculation basis, add fees, shipping costs, operating costs or other expenses.

You can also price in discounts by deducting percentages or fixed euro amounts from the calculated price.

The price calculation is as flexible as you are.
100% individually adaptable to your business!


Each range can be individually configured with calculation steps. For example, create a price template for “Smartphones” and specify how you want to calculate the prices for each range. Then select which categories or products receive this price template for the calculation. New products are of course calculated with the assigned calculation.

Add 10% on all products that have a specific price template assigned when the purchase price is €0-1000 or configure it even more granularly according to your requirements.

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