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Dropshipping Suppliers / Dropshipping Europe Wholesaler

There are many dropshipping wholesalers, but before you buy any of the lists that are available online, we have compiled a list of free dropshipping suppliers for you here. These dropshipping wholesalers are already integrated in our software so that you can start directly. We have divided these dropshipping suppliers into categories, which gives you a simple overview. We have deliberately only connected wholesalers in Europe who do not require customs clearance due to the changes from 2021. That’s why we don’t use dropshippers from non-EU countries. This saves you time and money, as there are no customs clearances.

Special partnerships

Verified premium partners are dropshipping wholesalers who work closely with us. In addition, we work together intensively, so you get the best possible data quality.

As soon as a dropshipping wholesaler is a verified partner, we rely on very close cooperation and professionalism towards our users. You also benefit from discounts, faster problem solving and other advantages.

In order to be successful in e-commerce, processes must be automated, consequently they become faster and less error-prone. Constantly repetitive tasks are time-wasters, which means you don’t have time for important things. In addition, such tasks are tiring and increase the error rate.

Experience Automations

Automating CSV data processing will free up your time and focus on more important tasks! Take care of marketing or your customers, for example. Updating the data from the dropshipping suppliers is important so that you avoid wrong stock levels or old prices.

Do you know the problem that you have to update your product data almost every hour? With our app, the data of your products is always kept up to date, although you do not have to touch the CSV files from the dropshipping wholesaler.

In addition to product updates, Import2Shop also ensures that item information and images and descriptions are processed automatically. We get the data directly from the dropshipping suppliers and import it into your shop, so you don’t have to create the products manually or keep them up to date.

As a user of our software, you get access to reputable dropshipping wholesalers so you don’t have to buy dubious lists. We are networked with a large number of wholesalers in a wide variety of assortments.

Find below other wholesalers that are connected to our app

Automated inventory and price updates

Automated import of item information, such as descriptions or images

Access to our pool of reputable and lucrative dropshipping providers

Individual connections possible


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