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Automate Gambio CSV import

Please contact us before booking! Due to the Gambio cloud changeover, we will check with you whether we are currently compatible!

Our Gambio CSV import relieves you of tiresome work so that you have more time for the essentials! The automated article import is one of our first features, which has been continuously improved. The current Gambio CSV import module is mature and in productive use. It helps you to keep the data in your Gambio shop up-to-date by doing the article updates completely for you. Although Gambio hasn’t fully finished the API yet, we can already create articles via the API. However, we can serve self-hosted shops via the database as usual. You can request the currently supported Gambio version from our support. Although the Gambio API is not completely finished yet, we can check if your cloud version can be connected through us. Before ordering, please contact our support to clarify the type of connection.

Functional overview for the Gambio Importer

The main functions are the automatic import of products but also the updating of the product data. Read more about our features here.

If possible, fully-fledged variant combinations are created so that your customer can conveniently choose from different variants in the shop. The prerequisite for the automatic properties import in Gambio is that your wholesaler can pass the data on to us accordingly. In addition to imports, we support the automatic updating of prices, stocks and much more.

We currently support formats such as CSV, TXT or API data from our selected wholesalers for the Gambio CSV import. Depending on the wholesaler, the items are imported into the app at different intervals. The price ranges you have stored are taken into account and the product is calculated. The stocks are automatically updated in the app so that you no longer have to edit the data manually in Gambio.


Start into the digitization!

Process automation is the be-all and end-all in the online world. Too many tasks take too much time. It is therefore essential to rely on automated processes. This saves you money and time. Indispensable nowadays!

Gambio CSV Import – the functions

The following features are automated instead of manual Gambio CSV import supported:

  • Creation of categories
  • Creation of properties (formerly variants)
  • Automatic image upload
  • Price import (based on automated calculations)
  • Base prices
  • Item descriptions
  • Item Codes (EAN, MPN, etc)
  • Inventory reconciliation
  • Status Comparison

For the import you have various setting functions such as assigning article number prefixes and much more! The images are automatically downloaded from the wholesaler in Gambio CSV Import and transferred to your shop.

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