Attribute & Filter

The I2S Attributes and Filters module is an innovative solution that helps you seamlessly integrate the attributes provided by your wholesaler into your online store. Depending on your chosen store system, these attributes can then be used as filters in the frontend to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Currently, attributes can be used as filters in the popular store systems Shopware 5, Shopware 6 and WooCommerce. Here, the filters allow you to precisely search and select products based on specific attributes or characteristics. This allows your customers to quickly and specifically search for the products that best meet their requirements.

For other store systems that do not explicitly support attributes as filters, we offer an alternative solution. You can place the attributes as a bullet point list under the respective wholesale description. This will still provide your customers with a clear and structured display of the attributes, which will help them in their purchase decision.

Our professional team will be happy to support you in setting up and integrating the I2S Attribute and Filter Module into your online store. We make sure that the attributes are transferred correctly and are optimally integrated into your store system. This not only maximizes the functionality of your store, but also improves your visibility in search engines and increases your sales.

Attribute und Filter
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