Open an online shop in 5 minutes? Rather not.

Nowadays it is easy to overload a shop with items and hope that the shop will quickly pay for itself – this is exactly how “dropshipping coaches” suggest to young entrepreneurs how easy it is to get into the online business. We expressly warn against accepting such offers, often only one person wins and it is usually not you. If it’s too good to be true, you better steer clear.

Doing online trading means working! It’s not enough to throw a few products into a shop and wait for customers.

Our software is a great example of how you can have work done for you – it is a tool in the daily struggle with the mass of data that bombards you. With Import2Shop or alternative programs, you have solved a problem, namely how to get items into the shop and update them. Before doing so, you should at least ask yourself the following questions:

Who is my target group?
Which items do I want to offer/expand in my shop?
How do I calculate my prices?
How can I promote my products?

Use software cleverly and effectively!

How to use our software, what functions it has and how to operate the program is very well described in the manual. If you do not want to deal with the manual, but would rather have personal advice or training, we are at your disposal.

We answer all your questions about eCommerce, software training and much more – send us your questions and we will make you an offer if we can answer your questions reliably. For a consultation we estimate only 80 EUR per hour.

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