What is dropshipping?


What is dropshipping?

Drop shipping is a popular business opportunity that allows you to sell products directly from the manufacturer without first purchasing inventory. With dropshipping, you can enter new markets and grow quickly without the need for huge investments or risks. That’s why drop shipping is also an exciting way to expand your existing range. Find out more about this lucrative business model here!

Expand your range or start with third-party shipping

First of all: Many route trading users believe that they use the route trade and don’t have to do much. Offer articles in the shop and you’re done, but it’s not that easy. In order to make money with dropshiping, market finity and perseverance are needed.

In order to start as a newcomer to dropshiping, you need the affinity of offering products that can be sold well in addition to the usual entrepreneurial ways of thinking. These include, for example, consumer goods such as printer cartridges or other articles that are purchased from consumption.

One of the everyday tasks as a dropshiper is to manage, edit and improve product data. You can find more about this in our blog entry on the topic Dropshipping software.

We also see the route business as a great way to expand its existing range without having to buy the goods. Some of our software users have a great local shop with an average of 250 products in their range. Using dropshipping, you now offer your customers a much larger online range. For example, the customer can also look at the online range or order products for collection via terminals in the shop. To the question “What is dropshiping?” The right Wikipedia entry helps to clarify, which explains this business practices quite well.

Drop shipping summarized in five sets

In a nutshell: the route business is as described at the beginning, a way to sell products which you never hold in your hand yourself. The wholesaler takes over the entire logistics from procurement, storage to storage. As a dropshiper, you have the main task of operating your shop in accordance with the right and promoting the products in your shop. If you use dropshipping software like ours, you will be able to manage the product data. Only the “Business as Usual” remains about which you have to take care of.

Was ist Dropshipping
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