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Dropshipping software – do you need that?

We are everywhere in life: nothing works without software. The more automated is the less work for the software user. This blog post clarifies when it makes sense to use dropshipping software.

Automation – not only sensible in times of crisis!

In the times of pandemic and political conflicts and who knows what is still coming, it is advisable to automate as much as possible. Wholesalers have fluctuating prices every day, the availability of products can change every minute. Who can still do without dropshipping software remain up to date?

You certainly have more important things to do than update the product data by hand. Especially if your wholesale provides one API: Then you have no chance to manually get to the product data. This is exactly where dropshipping software comes in by automating the following tasks.

  • Automatic updates of the product data at short intervals
  • Automatic creating products in the shop
  • Automatic order management
  • much more…

We are happy to provide some advantages and disadvantages of using dropshipping software. These can help you whether it makes sense for you to use a dropshipping tool.

Advantages route trade software

The advantages are clearly obvious: dropshipping software automates all processes. Stops, prices and delivery times are kept up to date to prevent cancellations. Instead of processing CSV files manually or updating the data from other sources, the dropshipping tool takes over these tasks.

Orders will be handed over to your wholesale immediately (at least our software offers this module). This means that you do not run the risk that products are already sold out if you only hand over the order to wholesale a few hours later.

In summary, the following advantages arise when using a dropshipping software:

  • Competition advantage through:
    • Current stocks, prices
      (no cancellations, negative experiences for buyers)
    • Fast provision of new products in the shop
      (New articles immediately available in the shop)
    • timely order from wholesale
      (Fewer cancellations of orders)
  • Cost reduction due to the elimination of high effort for updating the data

Disadvantages of dropshipping software

The use of tools and software always brings with it disadvantages or challenges that we do not want to turn under the carpet.

Dropshipping software sounds like a great opportunity to automate your processes. However, such as when using a WAWI, ERP or a CRM system, you also need some time for familiarization. Processes must be created, calculations and configurations want to be created. This takes some time and effort at the beginning. The good news is that such configurations are usually necessary and do not have to be constantly adapted.

The costs should also be considered, whereby the operation of dropshipping software only makes sense if it is always online. To do this, the dropshipping tool must run on a server that causes costs. Everything is always included in our tariffs; License for software use, hosting of the tool and updates.

The disadvantages summarized:

  • Unique (learning) effort
  • Monthly charges

Tips for choosing your dropshipping tools

Of course, we would like to use our software. Sometimes, however, another solution is more suitable for your own company. Therefore, we would like to give you a few tips on what to look for when choosing your dropshipping software.

1. Support is the A-and-O

Unfortunately, many foreign dropshipping software providers do not offer sufficient (German) support. Do you speak good English to this case to get help from the provider? How quickly does the support answer? Is the support free of charge? A dropshipping tool is a business -critical application and should therefore bring good and fast support!

2. Adaptability

Is the dropshipping software able to quickly adapt to given changes? What happens if you have to change your shop system? How quickly does the provider react to updates in the interfaces?

3. Configurations & functions

Are there enough configuration options and functions in addition to updating stocks? Keep in mind that you may have to calculate prices automatically, (category link) between shop categories and those of wholesale and much more.

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