Release Update 3.17.3


Versionshinweise – Development WebApp – 3.17.3


DEV-485 New Premium GH Trends4Cents
Release Notes: This wholesale has been reconnected.


Improve DEV-480 GH settings
Release Notes: Wholesaler Settings View optimized for better error visibility.

DEV-486 Deleting a wholesaler blocks all updates
Release Notes: Deleting many products no longer delays the propagation of the product updates.

DEV-495 Delete WooCommerce variants
Release Notes: In WooCommerce variants can now be deleted via the app.


DEV-487 Products without names are imported although import empty description is disabled
Release Notes: Articles that do not have a name will be skipped. However, if the name is changed at runtime, it will be emptied. It is recommended to disable the “Update Descriptions” feature if your wholesaler sends empty names.

DEV-492 Trend4Cents incorrect purchase prices
Release Notes: Fixes an issue with incorrect purchase prices.

DEV-493 Kechiq Space at the end of the SKU
Release Notes: Now removes spaces at the end of the SKU.

DEV-494 BigBuy Importer exits
Release Notes: The error message no longer occurs because a translation was added by BigBuy.

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