Release Update 3.17.0


New features

DEV-462 Create tracking data manually in order
Tracking data can now be stored manually in the orders. An order is only considered completed when tracking data is available.

DEV-461 Session timeout extended
The login session is now only ended after 12 hours of inactivity, which means that a new login is only necessary after 12 hours if the app remains unused.

DEV-457 Filter orders – improve loading time
Completed orders are no longer displayed directly in the order overview in order to optimize the loading time. There are new filter options, more will follow.

DEV-456 Attributes can be deleted from articles
In the article details it is now possible to delete attributes

DEV-452 Restart entire app
It is now possible to restart the entire instance using the “Server data” button. Important: If in doubt, please contact support, simply restarting can result in data loss.

DEV-446 Improve attribute search
In the attributes module it is now possible to filter and sort values.

DEV-430 Automatically anonymize order data after shipment tracking
It is now possible to set order data to be automatically anonymized as soon as an order receives tracking data.

The update is now available. If you have not had any problems so far or do not need the new features, the update is not absolutely necessary.

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