Release Update 3.16.0


New Features

DEV-432 Get tracking data and transfer it to the shop
Tracking data is collected from wholesalers and transferred to the shop

DEV-427 E-mail dispatch in case of errors
If there is a new shipping class or a missing shipping service provider, you will be informed by email so that you can implement the configuration promptly.

DEV-426 car. Order – note own stock
You will receive an email as soon as an order contains items in stock, these will not be sent to a wholesaler.

DEV-425 TWM item import block bad images
Incorrect images are no longer imported if TWM outputs an image name “.jpg” without a name.


DEV-455 Resend attributes to shop
It is now possible to resynchronize attributes that have already been transferred to the shop.

DEV-429 Improve update process (display).
In the release notes you can now see all previous versions that are installed with the update.

DEV-399 Gambio update multiple
We are now sending multiple updates to Gambio at the same time, which has a positive impact on the update time. An update is expected from Gambio that will make this function even faster.

DEV-376 Connect Innocig’s new API
Innocigs was connected to the new API, where the categorization in particular has improved.

The update is now available. If you have not had any problems so far or do not need the new features, the update is not absolutely necessary.

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