Release Notes v. 3.0.5


New Features

    • Price templates can be assigned to the following levels:
        • manufacturer level

        • wholesaler level

        • The product legs

        • Category junk

    • Import history is shown in the dashboard

    • System logs are automatically deleted if older than 10 days

    • Order submissions expanded to include wholesalers

    • Automatically deactivate items when they are no longer in the feed

    • Delivery statuses linked to shipping times for more individuality

Product release webshop

    • Products can generally be released for the shop by a wholesaler

    • In principle, products can be blocked for the shop by a wholesaler

    • Products from a category, a manufacturer or individual products can be released or blocked for the web shop


    • Price calculation is called up immediately after the import to recalculate new products or those that have a new purchase price

    • Price calculation can be triggered manually in the wholesaler (for all products of this wholesaler)

    • Price calculation can be triggered manually for a selected price template (recalculates all products that use this price template)

User Interface

    • In the price template settings you can now see why a product has the selected price template

    • In the “Prices & Availability” tab you can now see which price template was assigned to the article and why

    • It is now possible to view a history of item changes (when did the price, stock, etc change)

Bug fixes

    • Fixed display issues in dashboard


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