Process Automation

Surely you know the problem, you purchase products including the article data from the manufacturer or distributor and have to integrate them into your ERP or WAWI or shop. Sure, there is Import2Shop as an example. But do you really know all the advantages of process automation? We clarify!

Process automation or digitization

The automation of processes inevitably goes hand in hand with digitalization. Who likes to print letters when an order comes in and send these letters to the wholesaler 😉 Exactly, this is done automatically. Nowadays there are endless variants of data transmission, but more on that later.

Process digitization and media breaks

Everyone knows it, we have a fixed workflow which has crept in over the years but is demonstrably ineffective.

Let’s take the following example:
Suppose you sell computer supplies and you have 6 suppliers. Of course, you don’t have everything in stock and rely on your distributor’s drop shipping. You will now receive an order for a simple SSD hard drive, which is available from 5 of your wholesalers. They check the purchasing and delivery status at all wholesalers, and may have to make a phone call afterwards because the data is not clearly visible. 1 hour (and thus, if we think economically, the profit) goes by the wayside. Here we have the first media break (this is what is called in digitization steps that are carried out manually and stand in the way of digitization or hinder it).

Media break number 1:
– You must manually check the items for availability and price
– You must request (availability) data by phone or email

After you have found the cheapest dealer who has the SSD in stock, you need to place the order. Here it depends on your wholesale; either send a fax, an email or call again to order.

Congratulations, media break number 2 and another 15 minutes “for UNICEF”. You have probably already noticed while reading that a change in media causes costs. These costs hide in wasted time that should have been better invested in marketing or customer support.
In order to stop these media breaks, you have to resort to process automation and automate it. Logically, this causes costs first of all (keyword: investment). Automated API connections make it possible, for example, to find out the best price from the respective retailer within a few seconds. This saves you manual searches in manufacturer shops, catalogues, etc. Media disruption number 1: eradicated. Since the system now knows the best price and the supplier, it can place the order right away. You’ve already got media discontinuity number 2 off the table.
This example can be expanded with hundreds of examples and always has a big advantage in the end: More time for important things & fewer errors because manual editing is no longer necessary.

Disadvantages of process digitization

It clearly has a cost that you should view as an investment. It can happen that all workflows in your company have to be turned upside down or the new automated processes have to be adapted.

Digitizing processes costs time, money and certainly also nerves. However, in the long term, it will give you important competitive advantages. It brings more clarity and efficiency to your everyday work. Our (dropshipping software) can help you with process automation.


Based on 49 reviews
Import2Shop ist genau das was ich gesucht habe. In Zusammenarbeit mit meinen Lieferanten habe ich endlich ein Tool gefunden welches es mir erlaubt auch grosse Mengen an Produkten zu verarbeiten und zu pflegen. Der Support ist schnell und Kompetent und hilft auch bei Problemen die ausserhalb Ihres Zuständigkeit Bereichs liegen. Der Umzug dauert zwar jetzt ein paar Monate, aber am Schluss wurde alles erfüllt. Import2Shop kann ich nur empfehlen.
Peter Reber
Peter Reber
14 September 2023
Ich habe mein Shopsystem umgestellt und bin auf Import2shop aufmerksam geworden. Wie immer mit einem neuen System sind bei der Einrichtung Probleme aufgetreten da für mich alles neu war. Der Support ist super, mir wurde gut und geduldig geholfen um das System zum laufen zu bekommen, dafür Daumen hoch.
Thomas Günther
Thomas Günther
2 August 2023
Really friendly and fast customer service. They caught the problem right away and fixed it. I'm glad I found them
13 July 2023
Amazing Customer Service! I was blown away by the level of support I received - the representative I spoke with was friendly, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to resolve my issue in a timely manner. I was able to quickly connect with a representative through the app, and they were able to address my concerns right away. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with my experience.
Bai Nyang
Bai Nyang
10 May 2023
Fast 1095 Tage Zusammenarbeit und kein einziger an dem ich es bereue mich für I2S entschieden zu haben. - Freundlich, Schnell, Kompetent, auch über den Tellerrand hinaus. - Man spürt die Liebe welche hier investiert wird. Gut durchdacht und Kundenorientiert umgesetzt. Seit Webapp 2.0 sogar noch besser. Support und Service Hervorragend. Meiner Meinung nach, habe ich mit I2S nur gewonnen. Danke!!
Tiny Sins (D. Lehmann)
Tiny Sins (D. Lehmann)
12 April 2023
Die beste Software die wir für unsere Zwecke nutzen können. Sehr guter, schneller, zuverlässiger und zielorientierter Kundensupport. Bin von Import2Shop begeister.
Guido Leweringhaus
Guido Leweringhaus
24 February 2023
Nach einigen Schwierigkeiten bin ich dank des tollen Supports doch froh gewechselt zu haben. Definitiv zu empfehlen. Macht weiter so :-)
Stephan Hürkens
Stephan Hürkens
23 July 2022
Einfach nur TOP, PERFEKT & UNSCHLAGBAR! Schneller Support, schnelle Umsetzung und nicht zuletzt mehr als sehr Hilfsbereit! Einfach nur EMPFEHLENSWERT!!!
17 June 2022
Sehr nett und kompetent weiter so
Torsten Jankuhn
Torsten Jankuhn
28 April 2022
Top Service. Schnelle Antworten und Kompetente Leute. Probleme werden in Sekunden gelöst.
Domenik Reinsch
Domenik Reinsch
27 April 2022

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