Import2Shop NextGeneration is almost here!


We are currently working flat out on Import2Shop Next Generation.

In the new version, we will change the entire technical background in order to be able to offer you as a customer even more stability and freedom. The app is built from scratch with all our accumulated experiences. A sophisticated internal quality management will ensure that only features that have passed our strict testing are rolled out.

So far we have relied on microservices, e.g. with Zuul & Eureka (Netflix Techstack). With Import2Shpo nextGen we will leave microservices behind and be able to adapt to your growth.

Among other things, we will offer you the opportunity to:

– New design and new technology
– Simplified tariff structure
– Create your own users for the I2S app and assign different rights to them
– Conversion to modular, that means you only book modules that you need
– Maintain your own stocks for the items from your wholesalers
– Own warehouse for own products
– Specify price calculations for shipping classes if the wholesaler provides data on this

and much more

With this step, we are responding to many customer requests. If you have any other ideas, please be sure to send them to us!

The biggest advantage will be that the updates of the items will be done even faster and there will be significantly fewer problems if the wholesaler is not available or there are other technical problems. You get your own instance, which works completely autonomously without any dependencies. Where there is no dependency, there is no potential error.

We are currently also developing modules that will allow you to stand out from the crowd with your product range. Key word: bundles.

Stay tuned, it’s going to be great!

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