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As in previous years, finding dropshipping products for 2023 will not be easy. But what is dropshipping anyway? Drop shipping is a popular form of online commerce, in which a retailer ships products directly from a supplier to their customers without having to stock them themselves. This allows companies to operate without large investments in inventory and warehouse infrastructure.

Trends for dropshipping products 2023

In 2022, some new trends and developments regarding dropshipping products 2023 have emerged. Here are some of the key trends to keep an eye on:

  1. Sustainability is becoming more and more important: More and more customers are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. This has led to an increase in these articles. Basically, sustainability will become even more important for dropshipping products. Products made from recycled materials or manufactured using environmentally friendly production processes are becoming more popular than ever.

  2. Personalized products are booming: Personalized products, such as clothing with your own design or jewelry with engravings, are becoming increasingly popular. Accordingly, these dropshipping products will experience great demand in 2023. This presents a great opportunity: offer your customers a personalized experience. In addition, personalized items cannot be exchanged, which is another plus.

  3. Growing popularity of health and fitness products: The pandemic has inspired many people to improve their health and fitness. This has led to an increase in items in this range, so dropshipping products will be in high demand in the health and fitness sector in 2023. These include, for example, fitness equipment, dietary supplements and yoga equipment.

  4. Growing demand for home and kitchen products: Here, too, the pandemic is exceptionally playing into our hands. More and more people are spending time at home and developing new habits. This has led to an increase in 2023 dropshipping of home and kitchen products such as kitchenware, bedding and furniture.

  5. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: With the increasing spread of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), new possibilities have arisen for dropshipping products in 2023. This range is still in its infancy, so you have a good chance of consolidating yourself in a niche.

Wholesalers for your automated dropshipping

Our app already offers a large number of wholesalers that are already connected, so that you can basically start directly. Expand your range with Import2Shop or start from the beginning.

On our overview of dropshipping wholesalers you will find all available suppliers who offer dropshipping.

Wholesaler Recommendations

We would like to recommend the following wholesalers for the ranges mentioned above:

  • BigBuy – all-rounder and a true evergreen
  • VidaXL – A great wholesale for home trends, garden and more
  • Kosatec for IT and multimedia
  • PagraNatur for well-being and sustainable organic products
  • other wholesalers can be found >here<

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