Import dropshipper csv files  automatically....

... with Import2Shop! If you are working with Import2Shop, products from your dropshipper will be automatically imported into your web store. Read more about Import2Shop and how you can import products very easy. Import2Shop in a nut shell:  We read the csv file from your dropshipper, prepeare the products (calculate prices, create descriptions etc) and push them into your shop database! Easy, or?



Import2Shop is available as a web application. What does it mean to you and which advantages will it keep for you, you will get in this article. Editing csv files manually from dropshipper is really annoying and error prone. Very fast, there appear mistakes while saving in wrong convension etc. Here are our main features:

Advantages of using the web app

  • No installation on your local computer
  • Every browser / OS is supported
  • Secure servers
  • Steady actual products, processes run on our servers automatically
  • Control the processing everywhere
  • Always the latest release is running on our servers





Main features

  •  Completely automatically  processing
    • automated impoort of dropshipper products
    • automated calculation of sales prices
    • stock updates
    • calculating sales price according your needs
    • creating of new products
    • deleting of unsupported, old products
    • image downloads and product-image matching

  • Your cockpit
    • You are able to see, which process runs or is finished
    • ended processes will be visible with result
    • receive E-Mails when your shop was updated.
    • etc.




Automated sales price calculating

Add your profit mark into our software, for every dropshipper seperate. Import2Shop will calculate the sales price by multiply your profit mark with the purchase price import this price to your database. So you do not need to calculate the sales price by yourself!