Release Notes 3.17.4


Release Notes – Development WebApp – 3.17.4


DEV-507 Plentymarkets connected

Adds Plentymarkets as store system / marketplace.

DEV-537 Matterhorn connected

Makes a new premium wholesale “Matterhorn” available.


DEV-484 Category mapping doesn’t work when releasing items by checkbox individually
Improves category mapping when releasing individual items via checkbox. Items no longer accidentally end up in the “Novelties” category.

DEV-508 Conversion of foreign currency to EUR and vice versa
Adds the possibility to convert foreign currencies from the feed. More information in the “Additional settings” Wholesale.

DEV-512 Make SKU variants searchable in frontend
Adds the variant SKU to the article search.

DEV-513 Make internal product ID searchable in frontend
Extends the article search by the product ID

DEV-514 Optimize Dashboard Load Times
Improves the loading time in the dashboard.

DEV-534 Shopify Export UVP Optional
Adds an option in Shopify marketplace settings that allows UVP prices to be optionally passed or not.

DEV-538 Improve Innocigs Pictograms
Improves the pictograms on Innocigs. !!!!AWARNING!!!!
Enable the Update Names and Descriptions feature to overwrite the new descriptions. Turn off the exporter and check the details for legal validity! The transferred details have not been legally checked.

DEV-548 Get currency rates daily checkbox added for selection.
Adds an option which allows to fetch the currency rates daily from the ECB.


DEV-532 Shopify Inventory ID missing on mapping
Fixes an issue that prevented us from getting the InventoryLocationID from Shopify.

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